Computer Science Engineer / Junior CTO

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Computer Science Engineer / Junior CTO
5 Parv. Alan Turing, 75013 Paris
2 days ago
2500 €
The ideal candidate should have expertise in development and programming, code maintenance, and code deployment in the cloud. They will play a crucial role in automating the deployment of both classical and quantum code developed internally on cloud platforms such as AWS and OVH. Proficiency in DevOps practices, Docker, and Kubernetes is highly desirable. Joining a fast-growing start-up will provide the opportunity to grow as a junior CTO role

What you need

Autonomy and ability to learn and evolve in a fast-moving environment.DevOps CI/CD knowledge of at least this container-based CI/CD providers Gitlab, AWS, Google, Azur.Programming knowledge of Python.API development with Open API, Flask, Fast API.

Your Mission at ColibrITD

Deploy code, both classical and quantum, developed internally on cloud platforms (AWS, OVH) using automated processes to accelerate platform development.Manage communication between different parts of the platform (front-end, dispatcher, quantum solver) through API calls and handle potential direct external access to the backend. Experience with OpenAPI is appreciated.Contribute to the management and maintenance of internally developed code, primarily in Python, and provide guidance to the team on best practices and development standards.Collaborate in the development of tests (unit tests, etc.) to ensure code quality.Integrate our platform and algorithms with existing simulation software for materials deformation and combustion simulations (e.g., FreeCAD, OpenFOAM). Strong programming skills, particularly in Python, are required.Assist in making minor modifications to the front end or collaborate with external companies for web development outsourcing. Our current front-end development involves JavaScript/TypeScript and ReactJS.

What You’ll Bring

Programming skills with experience in development and programming.Experience with DevOps practices and tools like Docker and Kubernetes.Knowledge of cloud platforms, particularly AWS and OVH.Familiarity with OpenAPI for managing communication between platform components.

Education and Experience

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field.Proven experience in development, code maintenance, and deployment, preferably in a DevOps capacity.Strong understanding of software development methodologies and best practices.

Desirable, But Not a Must

Cloud experience of at least one of the following cloud providers: AWS, OVH, Google, Azur.Programming experience in Java, C/C++ or Go.Experience with integrating software applications and working with simulation software.Familiarity with JavaScript/TypeScript and ReactJS for front-end development.

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